Why Shared Renewables?

The overwhelming majority of California residents, businesses or organizations can’t utilize solar power due to obstructed or shaded roofs, renting their property, or other resource issues.

But there's an easy solution: Shared Renewables. A shared renewable program would let all Californians choose 100% clean energy - providing more control of their energy costs, a more reliable grid, and a healthier planet.
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How It Works

Shared renewables are simple, fair, and affordable.

Renewable energy gets built in one location, and a customer located elsewhere gets a bill credit for it — it's that easy.

Ratepayers wouldn’t be impacted, your service wouldn't change at all and utilities would still get paid to make the grid safe and reliable.
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Clean energy benefits the state economy, energy costs, jobs
and private investment, and creates environmental and health improvements.

Participants in local communities will have more opportunity to take control over energy costs. And this voluntary pilot program would spur more private investments and widespread jobs.
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